Saturday, February 24, 2007

Make Orkut Ads-Free

Are you annoyed at Google ad’s in Orkut. And finding it bit messy. Well, as per my experience it is degrading the quality of the Orkutting. So I just researched is there any way to block out Orkut ads. While researching I came across two kinds of problems.

1) First one is that my Adblock was not able to block it. Might be author will fix the bug in next release. So I update the adblock and downloaded Adblock plus from Firefox site. So if you don’t have Firefox then download it.
2) Now main problem was it started blocking Orkut ad’s on some of the pages. And on some pages area was kept blank, so my purpose of utilizing full space of the screen was not fully achieved. So I decided to block the frame. But inturn it block that specific frame. So here is what I did to achieve fully functional Ads free-Orkut.

Just Do it:
Open Firefox; now navigate to adblock menu in this way. ToolsĂ Adblock Plus
Now click on add filter
now add the following link in that filter

It’s Done!!!. Now open your Orkut account and enjoy the Ads free-Orkut. If you are not the part of Orkut then just Join Orkut to feel and experience whole world full of friends. And add me on Orkut. Keep Orkutting!!!.