Sunday, February 25, 2007

Orkut Haccking is Not Dead!!!

Yeah, Orkut hacking scenario is not dead. There are many, who are trying their best to hack Hard-Rock Orkut. Yesterday evening, when I was in mood to chat with my old friends on the eve of college party, I discovered that one of the community forums is too large for my 17” screen that I had to literally scroll a lot to see author’s name.

So I wondered why this is happening. When I reached the bottom of the page, I got my answer that someone on this earth has broken Orkut rules and managed to Bypass the word limit for name.

Isn’t it interesting? So I peeped in his scrap book and was amazed to see that he has also managed to put Permanent test at the header of scrapbook.

That’s nice. If you want to visit that undercover man, Catch him on Orkut.

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