Friday, March 16, 2007

Easter Egg in Adobe photoshop

Have you ever came across Ester eggs in Various Softwares. Well, many Ester eggs of Windows Xp are famous. But have you got Ester Eggs in our day to day life softwares. I just Got in Adobe photo shop.

Well Ester eggs are normally referred as hidden feature which is left unnoticed while giving final shape. I think they are normally some additional feature which is in development stages.Try the following Ester egg and tell me about your experience.

Hold down Ctrl and Alt on the keyboard and click on Help > About Photoshop. When the Strange cargo splash screen appears, type 'burp' and crate will open slightly with the Big electric Cat peeking out. Type the cat's name - 'Udo' - to hear him meow. Press Alt to speed up the scrolling credits. Scroll to the end of the credits to see a name you may recognize.

My Two Cents

Strange Cargo and Big Electric Cat were the code name for Photoshop 5 and 4 respectively, while they were in development. So it's likely that it will work only in Photoshop 4 And 5.