Saturday, March 31, 2007

Grab your Wordpress Free Hosting

Now with the advancement of technology, it

is possible to have free Wordpress hosting. Yeah, you must be very dull

to ignore this offer. Many players are now coming into market, and have

started to give free hosting for your Blog.Normally, we are familier

with free host like bravenet,xanga which allows us free hosting upto 1

Gb. But main drawback of such hosting are Ads. These header ad’s make browsing experience very dull. Inturn which result in poor traffic.But My free hosting 110mb exactly do opposite things.

110mb provide us 2000 Mb of Web space for absolutely 0$. Isn’t is Best ever heard offer. let’s take a look at 110mb’s offer:

  • 110MB 2000MB Space - FREE
  • PHP 5 - FREE!
  • Live Support - FREE!
  • FTP (chmod enabled) - FREE!
  • Sendmail & Safe Mode - FREE!
  • Your Own Domain Hosting - FREE!
  • 10GB 100GB Bandwidth - FREE!
  • MYSQL 5 - FREE!
  • Apache 2.0 based Server

And above all, it does not show any ad’s or unwanted popups.

That’s the power of 110mb.

Now real free offers starts. 110mb provides us One Click Installer

which include more 25 types of online softwares to control you

functionality of blog.It also gives us option to install Wordpress with

One click.

So friend, don’t ignore this opportunity to Own free Wordpress hosting.

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