Saturday, March 31, 2007

How To Run Wordpress On Windows

I started my Wordpress blog in way back in June, 2006. Then i realized that Wordpress gives me more power than that of Blogger. But Wordpress have some drawbacks too. Changing or modifying you template is not so easy as Blogger. But if we can host the Wordpress on our Window then it sounds like easy and fun game.
Update: I happened to meet same kind of article on GOS, where Author has written same story. But many of our readers reported that TechLife story is more simple to understand.

So I searched a bit for installing Wordpress blog on Windows. And came with some nice Idea to get Wordpress get going on Windows.
The idea is too have create a localhost with MySQl and Apache server, and run Wordpress on Windows. And here come solution, so take just 5 min to setup Wordpress on localhost.

Install Wordpress In Just 5min.

  • Choose XAMPP lite version from Apache Friends and then Download .exe version.
  • Now extract it on root directory.
  • Now after extraction on root directory, you will have to install it on root directory.

How to Install:

  • Just navigate to XAMPP folder and click on xampp_start. Allow it to install.

  • Now click on xampp-control.exe, and you will get Control screen. ( try to remember the name, because you will require it later).

  • Now you start MySQL and Apache server, by clicking start.

How to Run Wordpress:

  • Now, open your favorite browser( Opera or Firefox recommended)
  • Now type, http://localhost/, and From the menu on the left column, choose your preferred language.
  • Now click on phpMyadmin, which is located in left column.
  • Now, create a database named " Wordpress ", with utf8_unicode_ci character support.Now XAPMM setup is complete. close the active tab or Browser.

  • Now, Download latest version of Wordpress.
  • Now extract the Wordpress folder in xampp\htdocs folder.
  • Now you will see a file named wp-config-sample.php. Now rename this file with wp-config.php.
  • Now open this file with any text editor and fill the server information as given below.
  • Now save the file, and you are just two step away from installing Wordpress.
  • Now Open your Favorite browser and type http://localhost/wordpress/wp-admin/install.php.
Now follow the Instruction and You are Done!.

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