Saturday, March 17, 2007

Make Youtube Look Like Google Video

It has been found that most of the People prefer Google video over Youtube Video. This rate has been increased after Google bought Youtube.I always liked in Google Video that the content gets the most screen space. So is there anyway to get Youtube video look like Google Video. So I digged a bit, and found that Ionut Alex from Google System has written a good and easy method to change Youtube Skin.
Basically Aaron Boodman had constructed the Script which requires Greasemonkey extension for Operation. You can Convert in Simple Steps:

  • Download Firefox2, if you Don't have.

  • Then Download and Install Greasemonkey extension.

  • Now you are ready to Install a Script for Changing Skin.

  • Now Install Script from here to make Youtube Video Look like Google Video.

  • Now you are ready. Enjoy Nice Videos !!!
    If you want to change the layout of Google Video then Just do following trick to get New layout.


    If you don't like the new design, you can always go back to the current one. If many people revert to the previous layout, Google will keep it.

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