Sunday, March 18, 2007

Now Google News Is available In Hindi

Now major Players like BBC, Yahoo India, Msn have started Providing their special Indian Edition in Various Indian Regional Language, Google too has joined this league by providing It's News page In Hindi.
The version called Google News Hindi (Still Beta), looks very Simple. May be Google is not concentrating on visual graphics. On IE7 it looks cool, but while testing it on Firefox2,
i got many problems. And to my surprise no Hindi font is available for download. So I expect more improvement on Google Hindi Version.
This is not only Hindi News service available on Internet. You can too take a look on Yahoo Hindi News, BBC Hindi News, Indiatimes Hindi News Service, and many more. Out of these still Yahoo is gonna favorite as it covers wide range of News variety. When I searched for Hindi News , i got at least 40 results. So it's Improving.

My Two Cents,
So, Google is seriously thinking off promoting Google in India. Yesterday, I was amazed when I saw Google India Banner on the way to my College. So keep fingers crossed.