Saturday, March 31, 2007

Use Image with Live Writer for Blogger

During my last post, I told you how posts with blogger, using Live Writer. But after this post one of my reader asked me about using images in post with Scribefire(previously Performancing). So, I decided to have another post to inform my readers and guide them about using it with Scribefire.

Scribefire is Mozilla Firefox Based application and is very powerful when it's come to WYGISWYS editors. Some of the Firefox plugins help us insert images while using it for Blogger.let us see how to use such plugins for blogger post.

  • Download Scribefire, if you don't have.
  • Now Download and install It's one of the Firefox Based Plugin called OakFlickr4PFF.
  • Now restart the Firefox and Scribefire.
  • Now go to Flickr and login.
  • Now open your Scribefire and go to add-ons and activate the this addon.
  • Now insert local images in the post and publish it.
  • Now it will ask you to Authenticate the Application with Flickr, click on I have already logged on.
  • Now your Scribefire is ready to post containing images with blogger.