Thursday, April 19, 2007

Best Gtalk Skin Collection

We all love Gtalk. Gtalk is loved by almost all the IRC users for it's simplicity. But Gtalk lacks in the area of personalization. There are very limited option when it comes to personalize Gtalk according to my use. But I love Gtalk as it runs very fast on my computer. But last we I got bored of the Gtalk skin, so I wanted to try new Gtalk skins.

There are not many variety of the GSkins are available on net, but I managed to get some of the Best Skins, So I am presenting you some of the Best Skins of Gtalk. If you Know any other skin then feel free to tell us, we will add in our Gskins Directory.

  • Digg Skin: For Those who loves Digg site

Download Digg Skin

  • Joy Skin with Blue Green Combination: For those who loves Blue- Green Combination

Download Joy Skin

  • Vista Alike Theme: For Vista Lover, though not exact vista but get the feel of Vista

Download Vista Skin Now

  • Aqua Skin From Jeba's Blog

Download Aqau Skin Now

How do I use a theme?

Installing a theme

  • Download a theme from the website.
  • Extract the files in this .ZIP file to your desktop ( for example, with Winzip )
  • If there is an executable between the files you extracted, run it.
    This will install the theme for you. You're done.
  • If you can't find an executable, you need to install the theme manually.
    The theme is located in a folder you just extracted. Look for a folder with the same name as the theme.
    Once you have found this folder, you need to move it to the directory where Google Talk stores all its themes.
    This is C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Google Talk\themes\user\chat.
    USERNAME needs to be replaced with your windows username. Move the entire theme folder to this location.

Using the theme

  • Start Google Talk if it's not already running.
  • Now open your settings window by clicking 'Settings'.
  • Select 'Appearance' from the left menu
  • Your theme should appear in the list, if not, you did something wrong.
    Select the theme and click OK.
  • Open a conversation window and watch the magic.

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