Sunday, April 15, 2007

Blogger Introduces freestyle translation in HIndi

में अपने हिंदी भैयोंका स्वागत करता हु | अब आप ब्लॉगर मे हिंदी मे भी अपना ब्लॉग लिख सकते है | तो शुरू हो जाइये और हिंद मे अपनी बात कहिये | सुविधा पाने के लिए, यहा क्लिक कीजिये |
Today, blogger announced that they have started new freestyle translation in Hindi.Now you can directly post in Hindi. Freestyle translation service allows you to either type in Hindi or convert them into Hindi by typing phonetically equivalent spelling in English. The Hindi translator will automatically generate the Devanagari Font equivalent to English spelling. So You can not only post in Hindi But you can always comment in Hindi.

  • Saving The Correct Transliteration: As we know each persons posses his unique style of writing, so it is very difficult for anyone to create 100% correct translation service. So Blogger Translation service works on method of Personalization. This means you can always edit the font if it is written incorrectly.This setting will be saved into you profile. So next time the automatically personalized font will appear instead of deafult . For example
  • Browser Support: Blogger team has said that this translation service will be work satisfactorily on Internet explorere 6 or above, Firefox 1।5+. But i got better result with Opera too.

    for more support on Indic language in various browser and systems, read Wikipedia article.

    What I thought,

    With this kind of India oriented services, Google has started penetrating in India at Faster Rate. In My story Of Google News In Hindi , I had posted the same Idea। What you think people, I am right.

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