Sunday, April 22, 2007

Create a Contact Form for Blogger, Typepad, MySpace users

We always want to get rid of the spamming. But the main difficulty we face normally is creating Contact Option for getting pure responses from readers. But main hurdle is creating a contact form.

As we know many free blog hosting services such as Blogger does not support email-form scripting, so we can't create a Email form directly using Blogger. But some of the site such as WebForm Designer gives us nice option to host the contact form externally and all we have to do is to put this contact form in your blog post or Html widget box. Let's us see how you can create a Contact Form for blogger in just 5 min. Let's start!

  • First you need a Webform designer software to create a nice Html contact form. You can use your own software but later you will have to make necessary changes in it.So download the Free WebForm Designer Software.
  • Now Install the software, and start it. Now you will get a blank form.
  • Now create a Email- form according your need. You can personalize it as you like. I had created a simple form as follows.
  • Now you will have to register for Free Email forwarding service offered by FreeWebform. It will redirect your responses to preferred email id.
  • Now you are a just step ahead to create a Email form. Now click on create code button located at top right corner.
  • In processing form section Enter your FreeWebform user Id.
  • Now click on continue until it gives you Html code for using free Email contact form. Copy the code and paste it at you favorite position.

My Tech-Life tip: I have created a contact form and posted in my contact area. You can Either paste it in Html/JavaScript section or just write a new post and paste the code there. Have a Fun.

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