Saturday, April 14, 2007

Know Who is Invisible In Yahoo

Now your friend can not cheat you. Sometimes many people appear as offline, but actually they are invisible or too busy to talk to everyone. There are many tricks to find out who is invisible actually.

  • Fistly Open Yahoo Messenger and double click on the user, that you want to test. Now go to IMVironment-->See All IMVironment-->Yahoo Tools--> Doodle. Now if the user is offline then it will try to load continuesly.

But if the User if Invisible then blank page will appearlike this. Then Just

Then Simply messege him, that you have cought him.

  • But the above trick will work only if user have tried to invible after login.But what if user has logged on invisibly.Then it won'y work.So you can check from official Yahoo! website. Yeah, Yahoo will tell the truth.Just copy the following code and paste it in address bar.<Y!id>

Now replace <Y!id> with yahoo messenger account name.

  • But it won't give you 100% results. When I tested it, i got 80% correct answers. So can't be replied on it.So we can use Yahoo Invisible Checker From DarkYahoo!
  • If you want best possible result for your efforts then you can always download Buddy Spy, which is recommended from TechLife.
  • Even there are many plugin available which will tell you the truth in matter of seconds. I use Invisible status plugin by Sahil, Download the plugin now. Read how to use this plugin at Tricks4fun.