Monday, April 30, 2007

Review: AbiWord - The Best Freeware word processor

Have you ever came across powerful Word Processor. Besides Microsoft's Word from Office suite, there are many word processor available in the market. But most of them are either very costly or they are very heavy. Heavy means many word processor that are available in market takes huge amount of RAM, and degrades PC Experience. So why not to try some of the freeware utility which will satisfy most of your need and cost round about 0$.
Yeah, AbiWord comes under this category. AbiWord is OSD based powerful Word processor. And above all it's very light weight and easy to use.

Some of the well known features of AbiWord are

  • Extensible Plugin Support
  • Dictionary mode for more that 30 languages
  • Universal Support - It can read almost all the Documents created by different word processor
  • Multi-Platform - Abiword is not only limited to Windows but it supports another platform like Linux, Unix, etc.

Some of the Windows based plugins are

  1. Get Import/Export Plugins
  2. Get Tools Plugins
  3. Get fonts for equation editing

Download Abiword Latest Version, Now!

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