Wednesday, May 16, 2007

3 column Kubrick wide template available

Today I am very glad to present you my first ever hacked Blogger Template. It’s a 3 column Extra Wide Template, with built-in hacks. It will help you to increase traffic, earning and user experience. You may directly download my 3 column template or learn more about hacks used in this template.

We have great set of beautiful hackers like Ramani from Hackosphere, Beautiful Beta, Blogging Secrets, Phydeaux3, PurpleMoggy, Blogger tricks. We have now wide range of hacks from them. But I felt that many of our new Blogger friends still faces some difficulty in applying those hacks. So I decided to give a try and just now presenting with Hacked Kubrick Template.

Hacks Applied By Me:

Original Kubrick Template comes with some inbuilt hacks, but some modifications were necessary. So I though I will apply additional hacks in order to make your job smooth. Here is the list of hacks with bit explanation. It comes with

  • New Kubrick Template Header. Many people must have been bored with original Kubrick Header. So I decided to make a one. You can also look for another Kubrick header from my Kubrick Header Collection.
  • Social Bookmarking Buttons. It will surely help you to get traffic. Popular hack from Beautiful Beta.
  • Related Posts at Post-Pages or Archive pages Only.
  • Label Tag Cloud. I am not sure if this work or not. Not tested. Please report me if Label cloud is not working.
  • Creative Commons at footer end.

Original Hacks:

There were some original built-in hacks by Chen Kaie.

  • Widebar
  • Three columns sidebar
  • Expandable posts with Peekaboo view
  • Peek-A-Boo view of posts in label/archive pages
  • Author comment highlighting and notification
  • Comments with profile photos

Adsense Optimized 3 Column Kubrick Template

I decided to make an Adsense Ready Template because many bloggers are not still aware of how to add Ads in between Posts. Here is the graphical representation showing position of the Adsense Ads in template.

Instruction to be followed for working of this Template Hack:

  1. Go to Blogger, sign in with your account.
  2. Then go to your Blog TemplateàHTML
  3. No click on “Expand widgets”.
  4. Now search for <data:post.body/>.
  5. Now you will find adsense code on top and bottom of the<data:post.body/>
  6. Now just insert your Publisher Id their as shown.

Home Page: 3 large Rectangle units will appear after the posts but before Social bookmarking. ]

Post Page: One with large rectangle will appear aligning right to the posts. You can change the alignment of the ads. I will post a tutorial on how to do it.

Disclaimer: Introducing Adsense in the template requires some modifications. And it’s legal & according to TOS.. So if you are not sure about it then simply don’t use it. I have also published another version which does not have ads.

Experience The Demo Of the Template: you can very well experience here.