Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Introducing Blogger Addons

Well, there are many hacks that are available with us. Now I am going write a series of posts for making your blogger website more meaningful and beautiful. Then what I mean by more meaningful. So let me explain my Idea.

Making Blogger Web site more Meaningful
Now, as many players like blogcrowds, hoctro, etc... are coming to the business, we are now left with at least 40 unique new kinds of templates. But should we use general template or default template offered by them. Answer is Simply NO! Why? let me explain. Using the default template, might prove biggest mistake of our blogging carrier. When a reader comes to your blog, he first look at your presentation of writing style and blog design which should suite most of your readers. So using default templates makes no sense because it does not attract your reader at first site.

Ok! Agreed, But I am not coder what should I do?
You don't need to be a coder for these. Many players like Ramani, Rahul, Hoctro have done great job, that's why most of their hacks are very simple to apply. You can always personalize your template according to your need.

Then How can you help Me?
I will be presenting a series of tutorials for making your templates more unique with using simple codes. You need some basic HTML knowledge that's all. Most of the tips will be mine and most of them will be applied for my blog.

So keep Subscribed for next series of articles. Till then, happy Blogging!!!

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