Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Introducing New Owner of My TechLife

In last few days, you might have noticed some of the significant changes on My TechLife. Before introducing next owner of the site, let me tell you this is my last post on this. I have decided to quite blogging, as I am not getting enough time for blogging. But I wanted to continue my work and run this site. So finally I am going to hangover this site to AmeyJah.

About AmeyJah
AmeyJah is not completely unfamiliar with My TechLife. In last few days, he has been working on personalization of this site. He introduced many things such as navigation bar, started new series post like Kubrick Header Collection. He helped me a lot on SEO and thought me how to successfully submit your sitemap to Google. So he is well aware of blogging facts and is ready with complete full and final future blogging plans.

There are many areas in which he will have to work hard such as getting good amount of traffic, monetizing site, getting PR status on next Update, etc. I will continue to provide him selective stories, so you can always expect quality posts form him. I hope to get more response day by day from you.

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