Sunday, May 13, 2007

John Chow Is My Idol

John Chow Dot Com- The Miscellaneous Ramblings of a Dot Com Mogul is a Blog about Making Money online. It is a Blog about making money online, Blogging, Technology and Agloco. I called John Chow as my Idol because it’s a current well established Blog with over 1529 Technorati Rank and much needed 4800 feed readers.

About John Chow
Well, I must say that it is the first Blog that I have ever seen with such poor Author Info. I recently came to know about the site. As his money making program is helping mea lot, I was bit curious about Author. But his About Me page does not reveal anything, instead it directs towards some another post. So it’s my suggestion that you should update it and keep some information about you.

My First Look at JohnChow.Com
John Chow is very well constructed and gives no margin of pointing out an error. Blog Title does not revel anything but when you look header as one unit, you get an idea about Blog, its category, etc. The navigation tabs at header are very well constructed and points to main categories.

John Chow: Get a free link from John Chow
Recently he has started with a program called Review My Blog And Get Free Links for Blogger where he has decide to give away free links to all the Blogger who reviews his Blog. So it is definitely going to help low rated blogs like me to earn some high PR links and much need attention towards my Blog. Click here to read more about it.

John Chow: What I learned from him
As I told you in beginning I just came to know about his site a month before. Is was a review from JohnTP. I am Newbie here and always try to gain maximum from such big players. I figured out some qualities that I learned from John Chow.

  • I love the way he wrights tutorial post. Well I leaned that how to write a tutorial post and why they are necessary. He first introduces any plugin or relevant product and also tells you how it can help you in blogging.
  • As I told you I love his writing style. But mostly I love his reviews. His reviews are generally well covered and nicely written. I must say that he tries to be honest while reviewing any Blog.
  • I liked his Blog promotion techniques. I think he was the first who came up with the idea of Free Links for Blogger. And I am sure; it helped him a lot to promote his Blog.

Suggestion from me
As a regular reader, I found Email Feed Subscription was missing. I normally subscribe through email. So you should have Email Subscription.

John Chow offers full feed Subscription and can be considered as Must-Follow Blog. So what you think about John Chow.

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