Thursday, May 3, 2007

Neo Template available for free

Yeah, you heard it right. I am regular reader of Hackosphere from Ramani. I am big fan, and always used Hackosphere widgets. But, at the start of May, I got a news form blogworld that Ramani is going to come with Neo free Version. So let's tak a look at Neo Template.

What is Neo template
Neo template is fully ajax based and gives you ultimate experience of Web2. I think Nwo uses your feeds directly to load your posts. With it's nice indigenous coding Neo loads very Faster. So, no more Bashing up my idea on you. If you are blogger user and want to experience neo, then you can test My TechLife on Neo Platform.

How can I get experience for My blog too
Yeah, Ramani has made available Neo demo testing, So you can test your blog too. There are some prerequisite from Ramani while using this blog.
  • You must have blogspot web address, because it can only be tested with blogger websites.
  • You must have your full feeds active.
  • If not then temporarily you can activate full feed.
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