Saturday, May 12, 2007

Review Make Money With Blogging Secret

Blogging Secret is one of the most happening Blog in MyBlog Community. So I though why not to take a look at it. Blogging Secret is different kind on Tech Blog offering wide range of information about blogging, blogging tools, making money online, various Blogger Hacks with one of my favorite 3column Kubrick Template.

Blogging Secret made its appearance just before 7 months by louisslim. And within this period Blogging Secret has managed to get 5 PR. I came across this Blog while searching for some Blogger Tools. But when I came to know about his PR secrets and 3 Column Kubrick template, I became his Fan.

Blogging Secret: Can be good example for Newbies
I am small scale Blogger and have just started getting time and skill to run website. So like every Blogger, I am also trying hard to get good ranking. So I want to follow his path to get such achievements to get high PR. One such project called Money making program can help you to get high PR. Louisslim is giving free link to Blogger those who are reviewing his site. So If you review gets approved, you can earn up to 7$. So if you want to get a link on PR5 page, review his Blog. Read More for details.

Recommendation For Improvement

While reviewing this Blog, I have figured out some suggestion for Blogging Secret.

  • I found his Read Also section at bottom quite useful. But it increase length of the Blog. So You can place them horizontally instead of vertically.
  • I found Search Option missing from site. If you have one try to put it on header using image maps. I would recommend you to go for custom search engine (more powerful for Blogger) rather that Adsense Unit.
  • Create an exclusive About Me page sharing your blogging experience with others as Novice Blogger always wants to know more about Author.
  • I found that your website takes too much of time for loading. I think its due to much heavy design application. So I suggest you to host all your JavaScript files and website images at a single location.
  • I think most of his web traffic comes directly to post pages. And Ideal Bookmarking Option is missing from Post Pages. I suggest you to add direct bookmarking option at end of post.

So, just visit his money making program page to know more about it. Blogging Secret offers full feed Subscription and it’s must follow Blog who wants to become successful. Tell me what you think of Blogging Secret.

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