Thursday, May 10, 2007

Smorty My New Blog Monetising Option

Today I found better option for monetizing my Blog, Smorty. As a Blogger, one always tries to find best money making options. Smorty provides you another way to add money. Smorty acts as a common link between Boggers and Advertisers for blog advertising. It’s a place where Advertisers can create campaigns and ask Blogger to Review it. So Smorty members enjoy fair chance of doing business.

How does it work?
Smorty allows you to create free account. As an Advertiser, you can create a campaigns based on products you want to endorse. You can also decide Payout to advertise on blog. Then Smorty will notify their Blogger-Base depending upon his Smorty score and campaign bid amount. Interested Bloggers will pick up your campaigns and will try to review it.

Why I though Smorty is different in many ways?
I have figured out some of its Key features, that I found missing from other similar services.
  1. Smorty ranks every Advertiser and Blogger depending on its own ranking system called Smorty Score. Its not solely based on Page Rank but there are round about 20 factors contributing to Smorty score, like 1) Google Page Rank 2) Alexa Rank 3) Approval / Decline of Reviews 4) Number of completed tasks 5) may be feedback from Advertisers, etc.
  2. So, if you are small publisher like me, you will get highly paid for blogging with high score.
    Smorty does not force you to unnecessarily endorse any products, but it allows you to write any kind of review about product.
  3. Best Feature: When I looked at Smorty account page, I found it worth. Apart from faster loading, it has very sleek design where you can browse your section with one click. Section like Payments, Available Offers and Completed task can be reached easily. Besides it provides you this information on Sidebar.
  4. Smorty pays only through Paypal. Apart form this, it pays you on weekly basis. So you will likely to receive regular payments.

How much can I earn from Smorty
Depending on your score, you will get high amount campaigns. According to Smorty, you can get paid to blog from as low as 5$ to 100$ per campaign. Just increase your score, you are likely to get highly paid.

Now, you will have to decide whether to join Smorty? Share a though about it and don’t waste this opportunity like this.