Tuesday, May 22, 2007

top 10 ways to get blogger pages indexed

Blogger has its pros and corns. But sometimes it does not function well when it comes to getting pages indexd fast. Well blogger also do not support sitemap. But I am pretty hopeful about it. As they have introduced sitemap for googlepages, it’s likely that blogger blogs may get one soon.

  1. While starting new Blog, always to try to submit sitemap to Google. In Blogger you RSS or Atom feed can be submitted as sitemap. Learn how to submit sitemap successfully to Blogger.
  2. Many Blogger don’t want to show their archive widgets. Some times those widgets look odd in template. But always try to keep archives on Blog. It will definitely increase your chances of getting older posts indexed.
  3. Link to your relative older posts while writing new entries. It will not only force Google bots to older posts but also it will notify your new readers about your old posts. Learn how to do it.
  4. Examine your site periodically on search engines and observe carefully for highly ranked pages of your Blog. You can always go to your older posts and update it with relative newer posts links.
  5. #Don’t assign Posts Numbers to posts urls like www.yourblog.com/posts2045 instead you should always keep posts title as posts urls like http://yourblog.com/i-am-blogger.htm . Because it will help you to get better ranking in Google search.
  6. Always try to create Blogger circle or Blogger group with other bloggers of similar interests. So that you can ask your friend to notify about latest popular posts to reach wider audience. You should also notify about their popular posts to your readers.

These were some general but important tips to get better indexing while using Blogger. But I tried some other tricks to get some better indexing position. I came across these tips while reading online tips and tutorials. I have tried to collect them as a whole and made it short so as to cover wide range.

  1. Create some online tutorial pages on Google base such as Google pages and link back to relative articles of your Blog. As Google pages now support sitemap, it will increase your chances of getting these pages indexed faster than Blogger.

Tip: Try to create webpages that are similar to your Blog name. Like if your Blog url is www.iwillwin.com then create some pages like www.iwillwin.googlepages.com.

Note: I personally feel that Google pages gets better ranked, as Google default search suites to webpages than Blogs. In my experience, I got some of the pages indexed in mere two days comparing to my Blog where I have to wait for a week.

  1. Similarly try to create some blogspot websites having highly ranked keywords, then write some tutorials in those blogs and link to you older posts in articles. You can also show your latest posts using feeds. Writing tutorial articles are very easy and they are not time dependent. You may also submit these pages to Articles directories.

Note: Do these tricks sincerely, but do not spam those pages with you Blog. Show general banner saying I follow this Blog. It will bring you more traffic than internal links.

  1. While commenting on other blogs, always try to inform them about some related information. You can also add your posts link in your comment. Note that now Blogger follows No follow method to avoid spam, so you can use general html codes to link to you pages.
  2. I have read it some where that Google will fever you more if your Blog feed in subscribed using Google tools. I personally don’t see any difference. But some of my friends have claimed that it is a successful trick and works magically. So you can always keep you feed on Google personalize home page. See if it works for you.