Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Get Paid To Read SMS in India

After Quick Online Tips reported about Mginger , many people are talking about the same. There are around 5 sites which are based on Mobile Advertising Solutions. In India, I found two reliable solution for those people who wants to earn money from Mobile Advertising. Let's go in details of my two found Mobile Advertising Companies.

  •  MGinger - Spice Up Your Mobile

I came across this Service through Quick Online Post. As I was needed some money to pay my mobile bills, I opted for this service. Mginger Pays you to read SMS ads. But as this is complete new medium for India, this company has few advertisers. So far my Metro friends found it useful, while small city like Pune don't have that much potential.

How Much can I earn through it?

Mginger pays you 20 paise per SMS you get and it has came up with it's own referring policy. So you can earn more by referring to your friend.  you can just sign up using my Referral account and experience the era of new advertising Solutions.

  • Mgarlic

Mgarlic is some what similar in all respect with MGinger. rather some Company has similar kind of name . Mgarlic also pays you for reading advertising SMS.

How Much...?

Similarly Mgarlic too pays you 20 paise for reading one ad. But it's minimum payment amount is 100 INR which is far less that Mginger 300 INR deadline.  So signup for the Mgarlic using my Referral Link.


Last Though

But as I told you earlier, these Companies have got very few advertisers with them.  so it is likely that you will receive very few ads/ SMS. it obvious that this is new medium and advertisers will be less interested. But these companies pretend that this will grow up very soon as these companies provide targeted ads which is not possible in other medium. So it's up to you how you can use this opportunity. So if you want to join these service sign up using my referral account to help me.

Signup for MGinger

Signup for Mgarlic

Update 20-June-2007: Some of my readers suggested me the another options. But when I tested them I received no ads that's why I have not included as a prime source. You may also want to try out following two services.

SMS2India - Signup with referral ID : ameyjah