Friday, June 29, 2007

How To Increase Your Blog Comments

Comments are great teachers as you directly come to know about your readers opinions. It normally helps you to understand and decide right content for your blog. But do you have enough comments on your blog or you don't see comments for your new posts. So this posts aims to give you brief idea about increasing comments on your blog, use of comments to study your blog success, how to reply comments .

  1. Note that unless you have good PR and enough traffic, you may not get comments for your blog. It should be observed that Less than 3% of readers leave comments. Further Kumiko points out that only 0.6 % of unique readers leaves comments on Techcrunch . So don't loose your confidence if you are not getting comments even after you tried my tips.
  2. Start Comment Contest - We are all familiar with blog contest. but what is comments contest? So, like blog contest these small comment contest will also help you to get valuable comments. Set some prize and ask your readers to start commenting on your site . Try to award your valuable commentator by linking them in your posts.
  3. If you are Wordpress user, then use Comment Karma Plugin so that readers can easily vote for the post. If you are blogger user then you can use Click Comments , which allows reader to rate your blog post.
  4. If you have nice PR (at least PR4) then start linking to best articles from your commenter blog.
  5. Design Aspect - Generally blogs have read more option at the home page with short review of each post. Add Post a Comment link at the end of the read more link so that readers will quickly comment on that post.
  6. Design Aspect 2 - Many times reader don't want to read your comments instead they just read your posts. So place Posts Comment anchor link link at the very end of your posts so as to direct reader to comment form.
  7. Use Plugins to Increase Comments - If you are Wordpress user then you can use plugins which are meant for increasing your comments.
  • Show Top Commentators : This Plugin allows you to show top commentators of your blog. This is the nice way to increase comments as readers will comment more on your site in order to get to the top.
  • Comment Relish : This is small Plugin which send a thanks giving email to first time commentator. This will help you to build the loyal readers of your blog. For Blogger, Dummies Guide to Google Blogger Beta has a solution for you explaining how to remove No follow tag on your blog.
  • Link Love : This Plugin turn off No Follow link for the regular commentators of the blog. So it will encourage your new commentators to comment on your blog.
  • Ajax WP Comment Edit : This Plugin will allow reader to edit their comments for featured time. It also allows you to edit your readers comments.
  • Display Recent Comments : There are many plugins that are available to display recent comments on your blog. But I liked official Plugin by WP
  • Moderate Trackback : Automatically puts all Trackback into the comment moderation queue.
  • Moderate Pingback : Automatically puts all Pingback into the comment moderation queue.

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