Thursday, June 21, 2007

How to start blogging again- Part2

This is the 2nd post from the series "Things to do, if you have to start blogging again" . Last time I suggested you how to choose right template for your blog. Now this time we will focus on next important point "Traffic".

By this time you should be ready with at least 20 tutorial while starting a new blog. don't post all of them on the same day but give a chance and allow your reader to follow your blog. Your first 20 post should be of definite series like How to start blogging, how to increase PR or How to get Indexed on Google. So that Your reader will follow your feeds for next update.

This is very important because all new visitors won't be under any impression that this blog is incomplete of with no content. And having a series post will point out your strengths and readers will follow you.  

Getting readers to visit and read your content

  • What's the use of your hard work if no one reads your posts and comment on it. follow some following steps and get some readers to read your articles.
  • Join Technorati and add your blog there. Technorati is popular blog search service which will fetch you some traffic.
  • Now join some traffic generation sites which will send you some traffic for free. Join Blogfusion, BlogClicker, BlogExplosion and add your site there. Basically you will have to surf the other members site and in turn they will surf your blog.
  • Ask bloggers to link you - Now contact relevant blogger and ask them to link to your post. If you have enough quality content the it is likely that you will be linked by them. Also try to target smaller blogger with average 500 visitors rather than going for big player.
  • Join Digg- Digg is the service that allows us to share articles from blogs. Digg has lot of potential. Join Digg and start digging your and others stories. Also join some digg group and get digged by them. Johntp has written very nice article on how to come on Digg FrontPage.

Start Commenting on other site

When you comment on other site it is likely that visitor of that blog will follow you and will find your well established blog. So comment wisely on other blogs.

Join Fedburner

Signup at Feedburner and allow your readers to subscribe to your feed. don't be under impression that your reader may turn away from your blog. Remember it's always good to have someone reading your posts than no one reading your articles.

Join My BlogLog

MyBloglog is kind of social blogging network which allows readers to become member of his favorite blog. So it will help your to build sound relationship with your readers.

I think now you will be in good position and getting some general idea about blogging. I will be coming with news ideas in my next post so I suggest you to join my MyBlog community and subscribe to feeds for latest updates.

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