Thursday, June 21, 2007

Rules To Comment On Other Sites

It is an open secret that commenting on other sites will gain you , some kind of attention. So New blogger always tries to comment on other sites. It also gives you one permanent link t0 your blog. But I have noticed that many of our bloggers don't know how to comment on other sites. It is also important because it is directly reflecting your blog in the market. So this articles aims to give you information about commenting on other sites, how to comment, how to use your comments to gain traffic.

Comments Present Yourself on Other blogs

As a novice blogger, I always comment on my favorite blogs. but is it enough. I think one should comment on valuable sites so that you increase your chances of getting some visitors. Comments are the only ways rather unique way to promote your ideas in turn your blog. But while commenting you should be prepared with some basics.

Pre-requisite For Serious Commenter

Do you that most of the blog have Gravatar or My BlogLog avatar plugins enabled. It is the service that allows you to share your unique avatar  on that blog. So how to use this service,

  • Join My BlogLog and keep  it in login status while commenting.
  • Sign up for Gravatar. It is the service that allows you to share your avatar on your specific email-id. Use this email-id while commenting on other sites.

Now this much preparation is OK and now you are ready for commenting . Now take a look at some general writing instruction while commenting other side.

  • Some bloggers are lazy, they either don't include blog URL or mail address in comments. So just avoid that, because it's of no use. So even if others like your remark they won't be visiting on your site.
  • Just don't blindly comment on other blogs. Read the whole post and comment. If you do like that then it shows that your  lack sincerity or you may miss some important points.
  • Don't make short comments. they are useless and it won't fetch you any traffic. Or may be you will present yourself negatively on other blogs. .
  • Always read the whole post. Yeah it should be your priority.
  • Then go on commenting on each post, you come across while surfing on your favorite blog.
  • Start your comment with a note saying that "Useful and definitely worth to read ". Give your feedback in first line itself saying whether you agree or disagree on authors point.
  • There is always a scope of improvement or Author may miss out some of the important points. Then start with some lines saying " I have some suggestions" Or "I want to elaborate this point".
  • Then you may elaborate your point or add something extra.
  • Now, if you have any related posts link to those posts (maximum 2 posts) , then link to those posts in your comments.
  • Now at the end read the post again and criticize any point if you want! You may also argue on any line or point.

So no more lecturing , just follow these basic rules and you will find that you are being notified on blogosphere. Liked my articles, for more such articles on blogging I suggest you to subscribe to feed and get instant updates.