Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Things to do, if you have to start blogging again

Sometimes many new blogger do serious mistakes and broke down due to these things. Once I read on Digital forum that almost 50% of new blogger opt for second try. So what things should be done and what are the things that you should not miss at all. This articles aims to give you fair ideas about basic of blogging , if you want seriously blogging again. I will be starting a series of the post and this is the first post from this series.

  • If you have to start it gain, believe me it won't be painless. All you have to do is just start from scratch. It's not easy and will test you patience.
  • Take a rest and research your market again. you might have came across this point before. but do you know what is the idea behind  this research and what's research mean in blogging field.
  • Firstly you will have to again re-decide your prime keywords or primary subject. you should be master of your subjects. In may case, I can write on blogging guide, Make Money, Blogger Tips and freeware reviews. Now start searching for your keywords on Google, DP, digg for content. If you feel that there is not enough quality content or there is a gap. Then it's right time to start a new blog.
  • While researching for your blog, you will definitely come up with some brilliant ideas, So start writing them and be ready with at least 20 such tutorials, so that you can post them at the time of your start.
  • If you are completely new to blogging then try to join/subscribe to best known blog feeds. Also join some newsgroup and subscribe to their feeds. You may subscribe for BBC, Tech2, Google blog, etc.

When you will become ready with central them of your blog then start looking for good and suitable theme for your blog. Good theme is really important because it's the first impression of your idea on reader. Wordpress has thousand of categories while blogger has around 100 templates.

How to choose right template

  • If you can't get a proper template then you will be left with two options. (1) Either to opt for paid web designer and get well blended template or (2) Sort out some of the best template and try to blend it yourself. Learn some coding and help yourself.
  • And last thing, also look for it's ability to handle most of the plugins. K2 templates are very good when it comes to  external plugins support.

Choose right header

  • If you are going for first option then choosing proper and appealing header won't be headache for you. but for 2nd options, you should always go for unique header and try not to use default header that comes with the template. Note that besides you blog title , headers are too important.
  • It would be better if you are going to create it on you own but if you are not used to Photoshop etc then at least spend for Blog header.

Now you are ready with your works and it's high time to start a new blog. Now 20% work is over and you are on right track. I suggest you to subscribe to blog for next update.