Sunday, July 8, 2007

3 Good Blog Habits To Get Huge Traffic For Your Blog

As a Blogger, I always try to learn new things which can bring me huge traffic. I know how hard it is for a New Blog. But recently, I was working with local blogger group to discuss this issue. And we came to SEO conclusion that only running after SEO and PR won't fetch you quick traffic. Therefore we have decided to follow our Top 3 Blogging Habits to increase our traffic and get huge traffic at free of cost.

Habit No 1 : Link to big blogs and receive quick traffic through Pings

Big blogs like Google official blog, Google Adsense Blog and other technical blogs like John Chow have Ping Notification facility. This enables them to show external links for a particular Post. Whenever you try to crack the stories and link to relevant topics of these kinds of blogs, they will receive a ping back saying that you have linked to them. And automated system will include your post in their external links section. Whenever you link to their latest articles, it will appear at links section resulting into huge numbers of people following your link.

Idea is very simple. Just consider the small tips while trying to get listed in external link section.

  • Get to the Point quickly. Don't tell your story in the post. Consider it as special post, and treat it like that.
  • Use appealing post titles. Note that it's most important part of your post when it comes to attract readers.
  • Link to your old but relevant archive posts. It will help you to increase your page views.
  • Ask feed subscription at the end of the post.

If you have better tips while using this trick then feel free to tell us.

Habit No 2 : Try to be in first 5 commentators of your favorite blog

Some of the blogs use Most-Commentators plugins to increase blog comments. So be first 5 commentators of the blogs. Try to in first 5 commentators on your favorite blog articles. In my experience, many webmasters read only first five comments. So if you continue to be first 5 commentators, then it's likely that you will get huge amount of traffic. I know it's very difficult to keep track of new post. So follow some small tips to keep track of each new post of your favorite blog.

  • Use Windows based Feedreader to keep track of latest post. It will notify you about latest post of your favorite blog within a minute as it constantly searches for latest post through feeds.
  • Try to comments wisely; follow some of my highly appreciated comment rules for blogger. It will help you to impose positive image on host blogger.

Note: This trick can be used on forums also. I like DP, because it at least sends me 100+ traffic a day & that to with 10 to 15 quick replies on DP threads. I try to remain in first 10 commentators & make some suggestions.

Habit No 3 : Start A Blog Contest Now

Guess, what’s the best advertising technique of year 2007. Yeah, it's Blog Contest. So if you are upcoming Blogger & you have earned some prices through other contest or other PP programs like Smorty, PayPerPost etc. then, seriously invest it in Blog Contest. Let's take a look at why Blog Contest proves to be the best option form of advertising.

Biggest advantage of Blog Contest is you get maximum exposure in this Blog-O-Sphere. Mind it, it will help you to get maximum readers during that period, but then it's your skill to turn them into loyal reader. Here are some tips you might consider while trying to start a new blog contest.

  • Blog Contest need not be always at the cost of your earnings. Start another contest with the things you won from other places.
  • Don't start a contest with the old and crushed idea. Be fresh because freshness adds value. Think of something doing which is more unique and appealing to mass people.
  • Consider you goals while starting new contest. Just like, whether you want thousands for backlinks from automated reviews or you want to get maximum exposure through your contest.
  • And start Participating other blog contest and get bit exposure from fellow participants. Ashok has posted very interesting article on Why I like contests.

Do I follow these Habits?

As soon as this post went live, one of my reader asked me whether I strictly follow these rules. So, I decided to answer it through this post.

Yeah, I try to follow these Habits. You sometimes might have seen my name in first 5 commentators on Problogger, JohnTP. You might have noticed that I do comments a lot on DP. And at last about contest, I am thinking very seriously about this option. But I do take part in lots of ongoing Blog Contest. Normally, I follow Contest Blogger for latest ongoing Blog-Contests, so I suggest you to keep track of this site for latest ongoing contest. 

So do you enter each and every ongoing contest, what are you ideas of blog promotion and how do you manager to get quick traffic.

This post was written as part of DailyBlogTips Blog Project: Three.