Sunday, July 15, 2007

Receive International Calls To Mobile & Landline for free with Jaxtr

Now, this time I have came up with another great story. Recently, I came to know about Jaxtr on DP. Jaxtr allows anyone to receive free calls worldwide with the help of unique ID. I purposely tested the service before making a brief review of Jaxtr.

How to use Jaxtr services

Jaxtr is different service than other low cost VOIP telephony. Jaxtr allows your friends, relatives to call you for free. Just follow some quick steps to get your Jaxtr account active.

  • Sign up with Jaxtr and login to go to dashboard.jaxtr.png
  • Now you will have to register your phone number at Jaxtr. This is to verify that you are authorized to use this number. Go to register page.
  • You will be provided with one activation code like 45, 87, etc. Now the service will call your number and you will be asked to enter the activation code.
  • Now pick your call and type your activation code. Now you will be informed about complete activation.
  • Bravo! It’s done.

How to get my calls

Jaxtr will provide you with unique id. Normally it is Now inform you friends through an email address about this URL. You can also your existing email contacts to send them a ping about their service. Use automated email service to send email to your contacts.

Is it free for lifetime?

Answer is simply NO. As I said earlier this will not cost your caller, but it is only limited off 16 minutes. After this you will have to wait for next month updates.

How's voice quality

Jaxtr Services are quite good. Jaxtr provides you detailed instruction about using your code on Blogger platform or other website. I have seen a website recently, which uses Jaxtr service to increase communication between seller and customer.

Jaxtr offers very good voice quality especially for broadband holders. So dont worry about voice quality.

What are the other services?

Jaxtr also offers to get text messages and voice calls. So even if your Jaxtr credits are used fully, user can send you a voce messages.

So fiends, tell your experiences with Jaxtr. Just now I called USA and Australia using Jaxtr services. So it is fully available in Pakistan & Bangladesh too. I request my international friends to use this service and share whether it is available in your country or not.

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