Saturday, July 7, 2007

PayPerPost - A Smart Way to Earn Money Through Blogging

Recently I found a new way to increase my earnings through Blogging. Recently I signed up for PayPerPost and got exposed to thousands of new opportunities. PayPerPost is get paid to blog program which allows blogger to write for the advertisers and earn money easily. It acts as a link between Blogger and Advertiser giving both of them, equal chance of making profit out of the deal. Also Advertisers can order a direct review from bloggers which serves as ads on blogs for them. This post explains you, why did I signed up for PayPerPost & how am I going to make money from it.

PayPerPost -  Turn Your Blog Into Money Machine

As I told you PayPerPost(PPP) acts as a bridge between we Bloggers and Advertisers. Recently PPP has become very famous because of it's more profitable deals & Exclusive Marketing Policies. It has become more famous in newbies as a additional source of income through blogging other than contextual ads.

What I liked Most about PPP

  1. PayPerPost has very nice and sleek user interface which allows you to handle all kinds of information.
  2. It's user friendly Opportunity panel gives you quick look over available opportunities.
  3. PPP does not rank your blog only on basis on Page Rank, but other factors such as Your bans, Submission rate also matters a lot.This gives a chance to low PR blogs to earn money seriously.
  4. Now, PPP is well established and has nice amount of opportunities for you. Thus you can be rest assured as you will get most profitable deals.
  5. It has very nice and briefly covered FAQ section which allows you to navigate easily through them. Thus I suggest you to go through FAQ section to clarify all your doubts.
  6. Most Important from Blogger Point of view: PPP allows you to disclose the post as Paid Post, thus respecting Bloggers integrity.
  7. PPP sends you huge traffic if you get selected as Blog Of Note from PPP. This can be considered as additional bonus.

Things I disliked,

Personally I did not like some their services and some rules. But overall PPP proves to be the best money making options while blogging. 

  1. PPP pays you only through PayPal so if you don't have, get the one before applying for it.
  2. PayPerPost team will again review your post after a month and then credit you the total amount for the particular posts.So you will have to wait for a month for payment.
  3. PayPerPost site sometimes becomes unstable and is somewhat slow. So you don't loose your patience while browsing through PPP.

Tips for getting approved by PayPerPost

For newbies I have figured out some guidelines which can be followed while submitting your blog for PayPerPost.

  • You blog must be at least 90 days old and has 20 post.
  • Try to include all the information about your blog while submitting your blog.
  • PPP does not approve adult contain, so just leave them.

Last thought,

So PayPerPost turn out to be good option while making money online. I liked this program because it allows me to disclose the post-content according to my Discloser Policy. So I suggest you to try this program at least once and start making money from it.  If you are very serious blogger then don't miss the opportunity and sign up for the PayPerPost to explore new money making fields.

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