Sunday, July 22, 2007

Simple Trick To Test Your Anti-virus

How do you ensure that your Anti-virus is the best. Anti-virus is very necessary part of our Internet life. Recently, I got a script which can be used to decide whether your anti virus is capable of detecting threats. Just check whether your anti virus detect it within 4 sec.

How to use the script
Open any word editor. Notepad is recommended. Just copy and paste one of the script in Notepad and save it with any file name including .exe extension.
For example, save it as itisnotvirus.exe, myname.exe etc.

Show me the script



Disclaimer: I have tested this script at least 100 times. But I will not be responsible for any loss of your data. I suggest you to make a good backup copy of your data. It's not a virus at all. But it is just mock virus. Do not run the file, also if your anti virus is strong then it will find the file as virus without scanning it