Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Mask Your Affiliate Links To Increase Earnings

Many people don't want to let earn main referrals. So they just check your site location and type directly to earn money. No I am not complaining about Human tendency, but it's obvious that you should help your main source who has given you affiliate to earn something on the Net. So, I thought, why not mask the link in order to increase blogger affiliate earnings. There are several ways to do that, I am sure that you may know some of them. But after digging many stories and reading many HTML and PHP guides, I came up with 3 exciting and most simple ways to mask or hide affiliate links.

Mask links using php codes

If you have self hosting blogs then you can use this method safely. Just create a new php file and rename it as link.php or any name with php extension. Now copy & paste the following code as follows.


if ($o == "1") {$link = "";} // Default link
if ($o == "2") {$link = "";}
if ($o == "3") {$link = "";}
if ($o == "4") {$link = "";}

header("Location: $link"); // Jump to the hiddden affiliate URL above

Now just change the links and proceed further as follows. Save this file in root directory or wordpress instalation directory .You can link to first affiliate link as follows.

<a href=>my link</a>

Mask links using HTML codes

Using HTML codes is recommended when you don't own self hosted blog or site. There are two simple ways to mask links.

1. Use false location indicator : You can show false link message or link URl to mask original link. You can hide link as follows

<a href="" onclick="document.location.href = ''; return false;">Go to</a>

2. Use proper HTML code to mask link : This is another way to hide link.

<a href="" target = _new onMouseOver="window.status=''; return true" onMouseOut="window.status=''; return true">My TechLife </a>