Sunday, August 5, 2007

New Google Ad Formats Are Coming! Adsense Experiments Are Not Over!

While browsing DP, I came to know about two different ad formats from Google Adsense. Adsense team seems to be working hard to serve accurate and exact contextual ads for every site. Though both format are under test, but they are expected to be out very soon.

New format 1: Google Ads uses tags to serve ads

Seems that Google has integrated it's ads with search engine basics. These Ads are served depending on the tags used by Advertisers.So definitely we publishers can get rid of wired ads. Even latest published post would have highly targeted ads.

new adsense ad format  

New Format 2: Google is using Show More link

Ibrowsehere was first who reported about this new ad format. This ad format is using read more link under selected ads. On clicking "read more" link, Google will provide you with more description. I think google will charge more for such facilities.

(Image Courtesy : ibrowsehere)

Though both are not made to public, can be considered as Beta.