Saturday, August 4, 2007

We Have Got PR !!!

We have got PR2! At last Google has decided to give My TechLife PR. I am not at all surprised to see my PR 2. And results are very good for me. One of my reader asked me How do I feel about getting PR. And I was bit surprised at this. that's why i have decided to answer all of his questions.

How do you feel about getting PR?

Certainly, I am happy. Though I was waiting eagerly to see PR updates, it came right time.

How does it changed your blogging identity?

(again surprised :) ) Yeah seems many of them don't know about my PR update, I think it won't change my blogging habits as such. But lately I got some exiting offers from some advertisers. Even got some good blogroll offers.

What your next aim?

I will try my level best to increase my readership and will try to increase PR to at least 6.  

Which is your favorite post from My TechLife

Hmm, seems not so difficult. Instead, I wish to choose best 5 post.In past, I had short listed some of the top 15 post from My TechLife,